Author Interview at “Imaginary Adventures”

AuthorInterview2I have the honor of being featured on a fellow author and friend’s website today! Eliza Leone is interviewing me on “Author Babble” about “PERCOLATION, POETRY, AND PASSION”, my writing process, and, of course, books! ❤


Check it out, then come back Wednesday, October 21st, when she posts her review of “PERCOLATION, POETRY, AND PASSION”!

Also, give Eliza’s Imaginary Adventures a browse–it’s a great site, featuring book reviews, guest posts, fresh fiction, and more!

More about author Eliza Leone

Born in sunny Southern California, she spent most of her childhood playing video g5446811ames and reading books. Growing up, she was often found sneaking books under her covers and reading by flashlight when she was supposed to be sleeping. These days, you will most often find Eliza with a book in one hand, a draft of her own in the other, and her fluffy kitten by her side.  With the love and support of her family and her wonderful husband, she has set out on an epic quest to complete her debut novel and finally see her dream in print.

coverpic-532You can find Eliza’s serialized “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: a collection of micro fiction”, published at Channillo

Follow her on Twitter and Goodreads!


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